Jan Mayen Island

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Jan May·en Island

 (yän mī′ən)
An island of Norway in the Greenland Sea between northern Norway and Greenland. Discovered by Henry Hudson in 1607, it was annexed by Norway in 1929.
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US submarine took photos of strange sighting THE most compelling evidence came from US submarine USS Trepang, which was moving between Iceland and Jan Mayen Island in the Atlantic Ocean.
For example, in March the pack's southern limit was the northwestern tip of Jan Mayen Island and the west coast of Spitsbergen, and extending from there to Bear Island and to the Kanin Peninsula.
Oil majors including Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron and Total are interested in the potential oil and gas resources off Jan Mayen island in the Arctic, the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate said.
A THE SS Empire Gilbert was torpedoed by a German U-boat on Nov 2, 1942, off the coast of Iceland between Jan Mayen Island and Spitsbergen.