Jean Sibelius

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Noun1.Jean Sibelius - Finnish composer (1865-1957)
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He will explore techniques for "cadence closure" used by composers such as Franz Liszt, Richard Wagner, Johannes Brahms and Richard Strauss, with additional excerpts from Anton Brckner, Gustav Mahler and Jan Sibelius.
Yet, by mixing together shots of the slaughter of a bull in the bullring, of Sellers alone in a ski lift, the gruesome details of a heart operation, accompanied on the soundtrack by the childlike pathos of Benjamin Britten, the majesty of Jan Sibelius, and the plangent murmur of Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings--Palmer brilliantly conveys the essential pain and isolation of a man in flight from himself, yet held fast in the grip of his manic need for celebrity.
Classical pianist Barbro Dahlman presented a program of traditional and contemporary music that included works by Jan Sibelius, Ulf Grahn, Edvard Grieg and George Gershwin.