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 (jăn′sən, yän′-), Cornelis 1585-1638.
Dutch theologian and founder of the Jansenist movement, whose adherents included Antoine Arnauld, Blaise Pascal, and Jean Racine.


(Biography) Cornelis (kɔːˈniːlɪs). Latin name Cornelius Jansenius. 1585–1638, Dutch Roman Catholic theologian. In Augustinus (1640) he defended the teachings of St Augustine, esp on free will, grace, and predestination


(ˈdʒæn sən, ˈyɑn-)

Cornelis Otto (Cornelius Jansenius), 1585–1638, Dutch Roman Catholic theologian.
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Noun1.Jansen - a Dutch Roman Catholic theologian (1585-1638)
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