Japanese snowbell

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Noun1.Japanese snowbell - shrubby tree of China and Japan
styrax - any shrub or small tree of the genus Styrax having fragrant bell-shaped flowers that hang below the dark green foliage
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Pearson's Chelsea garden features baby oak, field maple (Acer campestre), hawthorn, the Japanese snowbell tree (Styrax japonicus) - but if you are thinking of growing a tree in a small plot, choose one which will match the size of your space, he urges.
Trees don't have to weep to look beautiful bare: Blue palo verde, Callery pear, ginkgo, Japanese snowbell (Styrax japonicus), and Stewartia are all handsome in their deciduous stage and small enough to fit in modest yards.
LANDSCAPE NOTES: Japanese Snowbell is an attractive tree that can be used as a lawn specimen, shade, or border tree.

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