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A long, single-edge sword for use with two hands, traditionally worn by samurai.

[Japanese, from Old Japanese : kata, opposite side, one (of a pair) + na, blade.]


(Fencing) a long, curved single-edged sword traditionally used by Japanese samurai
[C18: Japanese]
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Since 1953, Japanese sword smiths have been allowed to work, but with severe restrictions: they must be licensed and serve a five-year apprenticeship, and only licensed sword smiths are allowed to produce Japanese swords.
The LF-1 was designed in California but took its inspiration from a traditional Japanese sword, imagining smooth molten metal flowing into a solid, chiselled form.
Like molten metal being forged into a fine Japanese sword, the lines of the Lexus LF-1 Limitless concept have the potential to shape the future of a flagship luxury crossover for Lexus.
Originally, a Japanese sword was dedicated to the deities," says Shimojima.
A Shinto priestess was killed on the grounds of a famous Tokyo shrine by a man wielding a traditional Japanese sword who then killed another woman before committing suicide, police said on Friday, in what local media described as an apparent family feud.
At HiSUi Tokyo, visitors can experience holding a real Japanese sword through their batto culture experience plan, open to local and foreign guests.
The curriculum includes Japanese weapons work (wooden staff and wooden sword), as well as Iaido, the art of Japanese sword drawing using a live blade.
Other objects damascened helmets, Japanese sword blades, decorated saddle plates--confirm the importance of the military in Ming culture.
Connor Burke, martial arts teacher and master of the bokken, a wooden Japanese sword, finds himself reluctantly wresting a twenty-three-year-old Japanese princess, Chie Miyazaki, from her North Korean boyfriend, Lim, after compromising photos of her appear.
For the Japanese Samurai blade dating back to 1200-1250 CE, we had to bring a Japanese sword expert who trained some of our staff on how to handle and display the item.
You delve into the role of Mondo Zappa, an executioner who wields his Japanese sword in his right hand and interchangeable weapons in his artificial left arm.
pcornejoo All I got out of the movie Wolverine is that I need to buy myself a Japanese sword @ellecroy17 Is wolverine even classified as a superhero?

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