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tr. & intr.v. Jap·a·nized, Jap·a·niz·ing, Jap·a·niz·es
To make or become Japanese in form, idiom, style, or character.

Jap′a·ni·za′tion (-nĭ-zā′shən) n.


(ˈdʒæpəˌnaɪz) or


vb (tr)
to make Japanese
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Some might refer to this process as the Japanization of the U.
The Japanization of British industry: new developments in the 1990s.
Drawing on written evidence like government documents and personal records, she interprets each aspect of the military administration of Guam from the perspective of the navy's management of the South Sea Islands, examining non-militarization and how it related to Guam's occupation by Japan, efforts to bring about economic development, and the application of Japanization to Guam's Chamorros.
policies and implementation, political participation, Japanization, and others (Chapter Nine).
But US sensitivity to the position of Hawaii was dramatically enhanced, and the white Hawaiian oligarchy, ever more fearful of Japanization, looked to Washington for protection.
41) "The Japanization of Christianity," Christian Century 56 (August 2, 1939), 944; T.
As Arjun Appadurai points out as a warning against taking a too-simplistic view of globalization as Americanization, Japanization has been as equally, if not more, worrisome for many Koreans as Americanization (32).
19) Akiko Otake and Shuhei Hosokawa, "Karaoke in East Asia: Modernization, Japanization or Asianization?
Processes of internationalization and globalization need to be specified more precisely in terms of Americanization, Japanization, Sinicization, Europeanization, and Islamicization, and the mechanisms that operate in these processes need to be isolated.
In order to spare the susceptibility of reactionary elements, the Church engaged in the japanization of its structures and of its activities.
In his four-chapter study of Japanese conceptions of nobility and civility De Bary shows how the Japanization of Confucianism and Buddhism helped construct a unique version of the noble person and the common good.