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A trademark for a mild, pale yellow, hard Norwegian cheese with large holes.


(Cookery) trademark a hard mild-tasting yellow-coloured cheese with holes in it
[C20: after Jarlsberg, Norway, where it originated]


(ˈyɑrlz bɜrg)
a Norwegian hard cheese, similar to Swiss cheese, with a buttery flavor and large holes.
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quench helps iconic food and beverage brands, including StarKist, Turkey Hill Dairy, ORTEGA, Hershey, North American Breweries and Jarlsberg capture the attention, aspiration and purchase intent of consumers through fully integrated brand communications.
Those with more exotic tastes had to look to the Continental section which always seemed to be overflowing with great-tasting names: brie, camembert, roquefort, gruyere, parmesan, gouda, Jarlsberg, Old Amsterdam, manchego and emmental, to name just a very few.
Announcement of competition: Vestfold Water IKS has an existing water main Ey700 steel crossing the parking lot to Jarlsberg Travbane.
NORSELAND'S JARLSBERG CHEESE INTRODUCES a growth opportunity for the Specialty Deli Cheese Department: Jarlsberg Minis is a 100% all-natural cheese snack individually dipped in wax and wrapped in cellophane.
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My second gastro-revelation came at a class on cooking with Jarlsberg cheese, given by a delectable lady called Signe Johansen.
That's normally why you will find cheese from there in a fondue, such as Gruyere, Emmental, Jarlsberg and Reblochon.
These include Imokilly Regato, Ballycashel, Ivernia, Jarlsberg, Black Abbey, Mallo and Calow.
Drew pulled out of his lunch for Eamon to assess: a peanut butter sandwich, a chunk of Jarlsberg cheese and a large baggie full of marshmallows.
piece or slice unless noted)# ([check] [check]) Jarlsberg Lite Deli Fresh Slices 50 (3/4 oz.