Hymenaea courbaril

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Noun1.Hymenaea courbaril - West Indian locust tree having pinnate leaves and panicles of large white or purplish flowersHymenaea courbaril - West Indian locust tree having pinnate leaves and panicles of large white or purplish flowers; yields very hard tough wood
genus Hymenaea, Hymenaea - genus of tropical American timber trees
courbaril copal - resin from the courbaril tree
locust tree, locust - any of various hardwood trees of the family Leguminosae
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For example, if the dielectric moisture meter gives a reading of 14 percent MC when used on jatoba, the true MC is (14 - 4.
Aquatic Cellulose, a leader in the emerging aquatic timber harvesting industry, announced today a $105,000 sale of Jatoba and Brazilian Ipe to Ahl Forest Products of Loomis, CA.
Os talhoes foram definidos pela equipe do manejo florestal de cada fazenda e os dados do inventario para exploracao florestal foram utilizados para localizacao de todas as arvores de jatoba (Hymenaea courbaril) presentes nos talhoes.
Also making inroads are "bright, vibrant colors, such as jatoba reds and oranges and mahogany reds.
In response to their demand, we have focused our Brazilian production to further develop our inventories of Jatoba, Ipe, Massaranduba, and other popular tropical species in the U.
O estudo foi desenvolvido nas bacias do Jatoba e Mimoso, entre as coordenadas (UTM) 715000 e 9065000, 735000 e 9065000 (Datum WGS84).
With showrooms in Blaydon Trade Park and Stoddart Street, Shieldfield, Newcastle, the company offers over 20 types of hardwood, ranging from traditional white oak to the more exotic woods such as Chinese golden maple and South American Jatoba.
Thayer thinks jatoba is similar in many ways to bloodwood.
com, one of the fastest growing privately held companies in America, today jointly announced the results of the NHLA certified grading report of AQCI's shipment of Ecological Jatoba lumber received in Niagara Falls, N.