Java Sea

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Ja′va Sea′

a sea between Java and Borneo.
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Proceeds will be used to accelerate capital spending programs, primarily in Indonesia, including drilling and seismic programs at the Camar Field in the Java Sea, a multi-well program at Babat-Kukui onshore Sumatra, and new ventures being pursued by the Company.
The Cork Clipper hit rocks in the Java Sea, 200 off Jakarta, Indonesia.
Once commerciality is established with Pertamina, the State oil company of Indonesia, oil production could begin in early 1997, with the nearest shipping point for oil being located on the coast of the Java Sea, some 12 miles to the north.
The ex-BA captain was flying from to Australia 28 years ago when the he was struck by an electrical storm above the Java Sea.
Through its wholly-owned subsidiary, it operates and owns 84 percent of the Bawean PSC and Camar, situated 60 miles offshore in the Java Sea, Indonesia.
A HMS Encounter was sunk by the Japanese fleet in the Java Sea on March 1, 1942, along with HMS Exeter and the USS Pope.
There are numerous oil and gas fields in West Java and the adjacent Java Sea, including the major oilfield of Ardjuna discovered in 1969 by Arco (by the mid-1980s producing almost 183,000 b/d of 37 deg.
Alberta Stock Exchange:CKM) Thursday announced that production at the Camar Field in the Java Sea offshore Indonesia has surpassed 4,500 BOPD.
West Java and the adjacent Java Sea form an oil and gas province.
The nearest shipping point for oil would be on the coast of the Java Sea, some twelve miles to the north.
announced today the completion of its first sale of crude oil produced from the Camar field, which is located in the Java Sea, offshore Indonesia.
KrisEnergy has announced commencement of drilling activities at the Mustika-1 exploration well in the Sakti production sharing contract in the East Java Sea.