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 (jăv′ə-nēz′, -nēs′, jä′və-)
Of or relating to Java or its people, language, or culture.
n. pl. Javanese
1. A native or inhabitant of Java, especially a member of the Javanese-speaking majority population.
2. The Austronesian language of the principal ethnic group of Java.

[Java1 + -nese (as in Japanese).]


1. (Placename) of, relating to, or characteristic of Java, its people, or the Javanese language
2. (Peoples) of, relating to, or characteristic of Java, its people, or the Javanese language
3. (Languages) of, relating to, or characteristic of Java, its people, or the Javanese language
npl -nese
4. (Peoples) a native or inhabitant of Java
5. (Languages) a Malayo-Polynesian language of Central and Eastern Java


(ˌdʒæv əˈniz, -ˈnis, ˌdʒɑ və-)

n., pl. -nese,
adj. n.
1. a member of an Indonesian people mainly of the central and E parts of Java.
2. the Austronesian language of this people.
3. any native or inhabitant of Java.
4. of or pertaining to Java, the Javanese, or their language.
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Noun1.Javanese - a native or inhabitant of JavaJavanese - a native or inhabitant of Java  
Java - an island in Indonesia to the south of Borneo; one of the world's most densely populated regions
Indonesian - a native or inhabitant of Indonesia
2.Javanese - the Indonesian language spoken on Java
Bahasa, Bahasa Indonesia, Indonesian - the dialect of Malay used as the national language of the Republic of Indonesia or of Malaysia
Adj.1.Javanese - of or relating to or characteristic of Java or its inhabitants or its language; "Javanese temples"; "Javanese dialects"


A. ADJjavanés
B. N (Javanese (pl)) → javanés/esa m/f


adj (also Javan)javanisch
Javaner(in) m(f)
(Ling) → Javanisch nt
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Kerta is a sturdy, resourceful Javanese boy, son of the lighthouse keeper, and through his eyes we see the passing parade of events over several months of 1883.
This night happens every 35 days when Kliwon, the last day of the five-day Javanese, or Pasaran, week coincides with the Friday, or Jumat, of the seven-day Western or Arabic calendar.
Doug's daughter Louise, 26, son Neil, 22, his partner Tanya and their 18-month-old daughter Adele, joined 500 guests to enjoy a spicy Javanese selection of fish, meat and vegetable dishes with rice, with the added treat of a chocolate fountain with fresh bakes and fruits.
Before her marriage, Siti (Artika Sari Devil was a Javanese dancer known for interpreting the role of Sinta, the beautiful wife of Rama seized by a powerful king.
Built in 1756 by a Javanese prince who became Yogyakarta's first sultan, the historical palace Kraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat has witnessed many generations of royalty.
The word originates from a Malay word for dot or point, "titik" and the Javanese word "amba", meaning "to write".
BI can be regarded as a less traditional and more democratic language than Javanese.
DIVA, the Downtown Initiative for the Visual Arts, will host a concert of Javanese music tonight at the DIVA gallery, 110 W.
In Javanese culture it's important not to get angry and I found that quite difficult at first because I'm quite a direct person.
This is because there are at least two factors that determine a Javanese Muslim's attitude to sexuality.
The mystical sounds of a Javanese gamelan orchestra reverberated Tuesday throughout the sprawling Yogyakarta Sultanate Palace, where a traditional royal wedding ceremony was held for the first time in decades.
Trips to the Far East in the 1960s and subsequent study of traditional Javanese gamelan contributed to a cross-cultural style that unites Harrison's passion for life with a deep concern for humanity's future.