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(Portuguese ʒavaˈri) or


(Placename) a river in South America, flowing northeast as part of the border between Peru and Brazil to join the Amazon. Length: about 1050 km (650 miles). Spanish name: Yavarí


(ˌʒɑ vəˈri)

a river in E South America, flowing NE from Peru to the upper Amazon, forming part of the boundary between Peru and Brazil. 650 mi. (1045 km) long.
Spanish, Yavarí.
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All stakeholders play their due role making it a non-compoundable and non-bailable offence, said Secretary MOHR, Rabia Javari Agha.
A brief discussion of Pedro de Niemeyer Cesarino's ethnographic research among the Marubo, a Panoan people from the Javari Valley (Western Amazonas, Northwestern Brazil), (1) advances this argument, illustrating how a dynamics of unfolding and differential replication involving different beings that proliferate across the cosmos constitutes one of the main thrusts of poetic composition in Amerindian forms of expression--in a manner that is distinct from the Euro-American idea of ex nihilo creation as an event arising from an identifiable and fixed subject.
The tribe that suffered this latest atrocity is known as the flecheiros or Arrow People a seldom-glimpsed group of hunter-gatherers living in extreme isolation inside the Javari Valley indigenous land, one of a dozen reserves in the Amazon that are home to uncontacted indigenous populations.
Abbi flew many a mission listening to "Jugni javari hal warey" before his bomber would cross the border and the airwaves would be silenced.
First, it was mentioned by an armed forces official referencing a "slave labour" incident among Peruvians logging wood along the Javari River on the border of Brazil and Peru that resulted in "robbery of riches" (referring as much to wood as the humanitarian and health assistance that the Army lends to 'foreigners' in cases of emergency).
Not only does it take us back to a time before GPS, mobile phones and satellite imagery, but we also travel with McIntyre into a lost world in the depths of the Amazon, to the Javari Valley, where he encounters the Mayoruna people.
1, indigenous groups from the Vale do Javari in the state of Amazonas met with representatives from ANP at the FUNAI headquarters in Brasilia.
O rio Solimoes e tributarios (Rio Maranon, Rio Ucayali, Rio Javari, Rio Putumayo, Rio Caqueta, Rio Jandiatuba, Rio Jutai, Rio Jurua, Rio Tefe, Rio Mamia, Rio Purus) drenam uma vasta regiao do Peru e muitos de seus afluentes sao oriundos da cordilheira dos Andes seguindo para as planicies amazonicas.
Lewis (1988) y Garcia y Ruiz (2004) describen casos similares, para Tygarrup javari i cus Attems, 1907 (Geophilomorpha, Mecistocephalidae) y Dignathodon microcephalum Lucas, 1846 (Geophilomorpha, Dignathodontidae) de Asia y Europa, respectivamente.
Sarah Jermaine Javari Louise I go to university and my children's dad works every day whilst having a three-year-old and sevenyear-old.
Alguns igarapes podem ser citados, como o Igarape do Veado, da Galinha, do Cumaca Manda, do Urucum, do Juau, da Onca, do Javari, do Caju, da Iara, do Xua e do Cupim.
Santa Rosa, Peru, pequeno e precario povoado do municipio de Islandia (Pe), com cerca de 1000 habitantes, altamente dependente de Leticia/Tabatinga, e cuja sede faz fronteira internacional com Benjamin Constant (AM/Br) no rio Javari.