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or Dja·kar·ta  (jə-kär′tə)
The capital and largest city of Indonesia, on the northwest coast of Java. Founded as Batavia by the Dutch (c. 1619) on the site of an earlier city, it became an important center of the Dutch East India Company and was renamed Jakarta after Indonesia became independent in 1949.


(Placename) the capital of Indonesia, in N West Java: founded in 1619 and ruled by the Dutch until 1945; the chief trading centre of the East in the 17th century; University of Indonesia (1947). Pop: 8 347 083 (2000). Former name (until 1949): Batavia Former spelling: Djakarta


or Dja•kar•ta

(dʒəˈkɑr tə)

the capital of Indonesia, on the NW coast of Java. 8,259,266.
Formerly, Batavia.
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Noun1.Jakarta - capital and largest city of IndonesiaJakarta - capital and largest city of Indonesia; located on the island of Java; founded by the Dutch in 17th century
Java - an island in Indonesia to the south of Borneo; one of the world's most densely populated regions
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Located on the northwest coast of Java Island, and currently the 11th largest city in the world, Jakarta's origins go back to the early 16th century when the harbour town of Sunda Kelapa was re named Jayakarta.
2]) North Jakarta: Mal Artha Gading Kelapa Gading 2004 220,000 Kelapa gading TC Kelapa Gading 2003 60,000 Kelapa Gading Plaza Kelapa Gading 1991 30,000 Jayakarta Plaza Hayam Wuruk -- 35,000 Sunter Mall Danau Sunter 1994 25,000 Mega mall Pluit 1996 142,000 Mal Mangga Dua Mangga Dua 1997 45,000 WTC mangga Dua Mangga Dua 2003 104,000 Mangga Dua Square Mangga Dua 2003 90,000 West Jakarta: Duta Merlin Gajah Mada 1970 -- Gajah Mada Plaza Gajah Mada 1982 54,000 Golden Trully - Suryopranoto Suyopranoto 1985 6,000 - Slipi Slipi -- -- Glodok Plaza Gajah Mada 1987 42,000 Lokasari Harmoni 1988 14,000 Slipi Plaza Slipi 1990 12,000 CitraLand Mall S.