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n.1.A gem of an azure color.
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The army units continued hunting down terrorists from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), where many ISIS terrorists were killed during the operations in Jazel and in the vicinity of al-Shaer oil wells in the eastern countryside of Homs.
Meantime, Jazel and al-Shaer areas, as two strongholds of the ISIL terrorists in the Eastern countryside of Homs, were targeted by the Syrian troops who killed 24 fighters at the spot, and injured so many others.
Cyr whom recently passed in October, 2013, father of four daughters u Lori, Amy (Karl von Hone), Cindy (Mark O'Brien), and Susan (David Hughes), and Pepere to his precious granddaughters Lydia and Jazel Hughes.
Other awardees were Aldwin Ragudo, Glen Ontangco, Jazel Policina, Mel Rosita Isaga, Efren MascariEaAas, Mike Villa, Gio Gange, Eds Nuqui and Richard Dylan.
From left are Alma Rangel with daughter Jazel, Maria Estrada, and Verova Vivanco with Pilar Gonzalez.
CONTACT: Tara Jazel Young, +1-313-445-5758, or Linda Smith, +1-301-265-5386, both of Ntouch Communications Group, for Ford Motor Company
An army unit kills 24 members of Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist organization in Jazel area and destroys a number of their vehicles with all terrorists aboard in the surrounding area of al-Shaer wells in the eastern countryside of Homs, a military source told SANA.
Thesource also said that units of the army and armedforces eliminated scores of terrorists and destroyedtheir hideouts and vehicles in Talbissa, al-Moadamieh, Jazel and al-Belaas mountain in Homscountryside.
The army troops raided the hideouts of the rebels in the areas of al-Ken, al-Shaer, Jazel, Rahoum and al-Msheirfa in the city of al-Rastan in Homs, killing scores of them.
A military source told SANA that army units killed numbers of ISIS terrorists, injured others, and destroyed their vehicles in Jazel oil well and al-Shaer gas field in the eastern countryside of the province.
Also, the militants sustained heavy toll in the districts of al-Sultania, Salam Sharqi, Salam Gharbi, Palmyra, Wadi al-Kahif , Hassia, Beer Jazel, Haql al-Shaer, Jazal, al-Tafha, Dweizin, Hwasysis and Jibab Hamad in Homs province.
Units of the armed forces targeted gatherings of the terrorists in al-Waer neighborhood, in the villages of al-Sultania, Salam Sharqi and Salam Gharbi and in the farms of northern Palmyra, in Wadi al-Kahif in Hassia and the oil field of Beer Jazel in the countryside of Homs central province, killing and injuring large numbers of them.