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(ˈdʒæz ərˌsaɪz)
vigorous dancing done to jazz dance music as an exercise for physical fitness.
[1985–90; jazz + (ex)ercise]
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The poet can be heard reading from Oil and Candle in a 2016 episode of the podcast Poetry Jawns hosted by Emma Sanders, in which he also joyfully discusses his other projects, which often blend vim and mortality, including the forthcoming collection Jazzercise is a Language, due out in 2018 from The Operating System.
LIFT: Fitness Culture, From Naked Greeks and Acrobats to Jazzercise and Ninja Warriors by Daniel Kunitz In this cultural history, Kunitz covers nearly everything tied to evolving ideals of fitness and physique across the world, from a declining interest in physical training as Christianity spread to feminism's role in setting off a gym craze in the United States.
Martial arts Group exercise (Zumba, aerobics, Jazzercise, Pilates, etc.
com/smart-living/Simple-Halloween-Costumes-35985800#photo-35985814) look like you are headed to Jazzercise.
com)-- On July 1, 2016, the San Diego Union Tribune honored Jazzercise, Inc.
And, then, people watching that at home are like, "Oh, those people are better than me, I'm a failure because I go to Weight Watchers and Jazzercise, and I'm still a size 18 or whatever.
She helps her husband operate the Outback Steakhouse in Springfield, and runs her own Jazzercise and personal catering businesses, according to her biography on the school district's website.
None of them are flying these days--Nina is teaching Jazzercise at the local gym, Lindsay still lives at home with her dad and many brothers, and Maggie wants nothing more than to ditch her boyfriend and coffee shop job and head, well, anywhere but here.
West Boylston Street, mutual aid requested from Holden for a medical emergency at Jazzercise.
Right now, HCSB is offering an enriched summer dance program for boys and girls from three to 65 years old, to include all levels of classical ballet, children's ballet, adult ballet, modern jazz, hip hop, tap, taekwondo, belly dance, zumba, Pilates, retro and hip hop dance fitness, sexy hip hop and jazzercise.
Each parish independently defines its health ministry For example, First United Methodist Church of Winter Park offers yoga, Jazzercise, brain fitness, and personal counseling with a licensed mental health therapist.