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 (bĭb′ləs, -lŏs′)
An ancient city of Phoenicia north-northeast of present-day Beirut, Lebanon. It was the chief city of Phoenicia in the second millennium bc and was noted for its papyruses.
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Noun1.Byblos - an ancient Mediterranean seaport that was a thriving city state in Phoenicia during the second millennium BC; was the chief port for the export of papyrus; located in Lebanon to the north of Beirut; now partially excavated
Lebanese Republic, Lebanon - an Asian republic at east end of Mediterranean
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She said UNESCO and Lebanon decided to designate the historic town of Jbail as a center of inter-faith dialogue.
In line with that, Spinneys will soon open a supermarket in Jbail and was resolving a legal dispute that would allow for a second supermarket in Beirut's Ashrafieh neighborhood.
The village of Bint Jbail that Ahmadi-nejad visited near the border was one of the Iran-funded reconstruction projects.
In Bint Jbail, a large replica of the Aksa Mosque in Jerusalem was constructed, with an Iranian flag atop it.
The Iranian leader will make a two-day visit to Lebanon on October 12 and is slated to visit the southern Lebanese village of Bint Jbail where he will deliver a speech.
The paper reported that the towns of Ghwaibeh in the Jbail (Byblos) district in north Lebanon saw the election candidates win their municipal councils uncontested.
Prior to entering Bent Jbail, Israeli artillery hit targets in the vicinity of Bent Jbail with approximately 3,000 shells.
One example was Major Roy Klein, commander of a unit fighting near the village of Bint Jbail, who saved his men by absorbing the blast of an exploding grenade, calling out "Shema Yisrael.
5 bn at Lebanon's Central Bank to boost its currency, the UAE pledged to rebuild schools and hospitals in south Lebanon and help remove landmines; Qatar will rebuild the southern Lebanese town of Bint Jbail.
In Bint Jbail, Hizbullah ambulances - large, new cars with flashing lights on the top - ferried bodies of fighters to graves out of mountains of rubble.
TWO hundred people - the old and weak and mothers with children - finally scrambled out of besieged Bint Jbail yesterday after weeks trapped by the Israeli bombardment.
In all, rescue workers pulled nine bodies out of Bint Jbail on Monday, the Red Cross said, though dozens, if not hundreds, are still assumed to be dead and trapped.