Joint Direct Attack Munition

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Noun1.Joint Direct Attack Munition - a pinpoint bomb guidance device that can be strapped to a gravity bomb thus converting dumb bombs into smart bombs
guidance device, guidance system - a system of equipment for automatically guiding the path of a vehicle (especially a missile)
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Boeing has also developed a new wing kit which when connected to the JDAM guidance kit increases the bomb's range from approximately 12.
For internal procurements, the US plans to purchase around 14,000 JDAM bombs and 4,200 Hellfire missiles.
The JDAM converts unguided bombs into precision-guided bombs.
Two Israeli security sources said the US further mollified the Olmert government with an "understanding in principle" that future JDAM sales to Israel would include advanced technologies not on offer to Saudi Arabia.
The main component of the JDAM is not the bomb itself, but rather its tail kit, which can also be installed on an ordinary bomb.
Warfighters knew they could rely on JDAMs and were able to use the 500-pound version of the weapon for the first time.
And remember, the miss distance on these JDAMs, if you think back to some of the history--500-pounders carried aboard a B-17 or a B-24, how many aircraft it took to strike a single target.
The Navy is considering buying laser-guided JDAMs, said Navy Capt.
The B-1B is loaded with software that allows aircrews to use ``smart'' weapons like the Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile, Joint Standoff Weapon and JDAM.
The JDAM is a guidance kit that converts existing unguided bombs into precision-guided "smart" munitions.
The navigator updated the headings to the JDAMs Launch Acceptability Region, while the pilots identified and maneuvered for missiles and anti-aircraft artillery off our 9 o'clock position.
Subsequently, all three deployed F-14D squadrons utilized JDAMs during the lraqi war.