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 (rən-wär′), Jean 1894-1979.
French filmmaker who won acclaim for the artistry of films such as Grand Illusion (1937) and Rules of the Game (1939).


, Pierre Auguste 1841-1919.
French impressionist painter whose warm, luminous works include Child with Watering Can (1876) and Luncheon of the Boating Party (1881).


(ˈrɛnwɑː; French rənwar)
1. (Biography) Jean (ʒɑ̃). 1894–1979, French film director: his films include La grande illusion (1937), La règle du jeu (1939), and Diary of a Chambermaid (1945)
2. (Biography) his father, Pierre Auguste (pjɛr oɡyst). 1841–1919, French painter. One of the initiators of impressionism, he broke away from the movement with his later paintings, esp his many nude studies, which are more formal compositions


(ˈrɛn wɑr, rɛnˈwɑr)

1. Jean (zhä n), 1894–1979, French film director.
2. his father, Pierre Auguste, 1841–1919, French painter.
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Noun1.Renoir - French impressionist painter (1841-1919)
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The ground plate is that to date arbitrating Square and maternal Jean Renoir along the street of the same name.
Elia Kazan wrote several novels after his movie career faded, and Jean Renoir wrote a handful of short fiction works in the last years of his life.
Like Jean Renoir in France, Yasujiro Ozu was one of Japan's most prestigious and prolific directors.
As Ray's career was initially inspired by and later influenced by European directors like Jean Renoir, Vittorio de Sica, it seemed like an appropriate time to explore this provocative theme as a sidebar to the Ray retrospective," says Quandt.
And ultimately inspiring his son Jean Renoir (1894-1979) to become a filmmaker worthy of an Honorary Oscar in 1975.
Il a rappele, pour etayer ses propos, que meme le cineaste le plus engage politiquement a l'epoque, Jean Renoir fils en l'occurrence, n'a pas accepte une commande du gouvernement general de l'Algerie pour la celebration du centenaire de la colonisation.
O objetivo da pesquisa e encontrar as possibilidades modernas que o cinema mesmo sinalizou ao longo de um periodo que vai do seu surgimento, com Louis Lumiere em 1895, a crise da representacao no pos-guerra, com obras de Orson Welles, Alfred Hitchcock e Jean Renoir.
It may not be remembered that before World War II, and even for some time after it, Jean Renoir was by no means ranked as the supreme French film director.
Contrasting Jeunet's finicky--and, importantly, digital--control of every last detail with the aleatory, realist characteristics of the films of Jean Renoir and Francois Truffaut, Andrew insists that Amelie does not honor the Cahiers axiom, since for Jeunet, "everything can be pictured, each mystery unveiled" (22).
30 Chepstow A 1937 French war film directed by Jean Renoir, who co-wrote the screenplay with Charles Spaak.
BACK COVER: The Rules of the Game (1939) Jean Renoir was a director who Robin greatly valued as a stylist and a social critic; particularly for his complex presentation of class and sex-gender relations in this film.