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 (vē′gō, bē′-)
A city of northwest Spain on the Bay of Vigo, an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean. Vigo is a naval base and major shipping and fishing center.


(ˈviːɡəʊ; Spanish ˈbiɡo)
(Placename) a port in NW Spain, in Galicia on Vigo Bay (an inlet of the Atlantic): site of a British and Dutch naval victory (1702) over the French and Spanish. Pop: 292 566 (2003 est)


(ˈvi goʊ)

1. Bay of, an inlet of the Atlantic, in NW Spain.
2. a seaport on this bay. 263,998.
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DEs le generique, le metteur en scEne dedie d'ailleurs le film a Luis Bunuel, Stan Laurel et Oliver Hardy, Ingmar Bergman, Juan Carlos Tabio, (2) Elia Kazan, Buster Keaton, Jean Vigo (3) et Marilyn Monroe, (4) ce qui nous donne quelques indices quant a l'univers culturel du cineaste et du film.
When it was decided to create a contemporary counterpart to a classic film about Nice made by Jean Vigo in 1930, Geoff took the decision that he would use only location sound.
Rounding off the top five was 1934's 'L'Atalante', a 1934 French film directed by Jean Vigo and starring Jean DastE[umlaut], Dita Parlo and Michel Simon.
As a biographer currently writing on the life of Dean, my answer is drawn from a profile of the inspired French director Jean Vigo, whose iconoclastic "Zero for Conduct" (1933)--about a boarding school where the authorities cannot regiment the most spontaneous of children--reminds me of Dean.
Influenced by the classic 1933 French film short about schoolboys, ``Zero for Conduct'' by Jean Vigo, the film tells the story of Antoine Doinel (Jean-Pierre Leaud), a recalcitrant youth of 12 who lives in a small apartment in Paris with his mother and stepfather.