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 (shär-kō′), Jean Baptiste Étienne Auguste 1867-1936.
French explorer who led two missions to the Antarctic (1903-1905 and 1908-1910). He died in a shipwreck near Iceland.


, Jean Martin 1825-1893.
French neurologist known for his research into diseases of the nervous system, especially hysteria. Sigmund Freud was one of his pupils.


(French ʃarko)
(Biography) Jean Martin (ʒɑ̃ martɛ̃). 1825–93, French neurologist, noted for his attempt using hypnotism to find an organic cause for hysteria, which influenced Freud



Jean Martin (ʒɑ̃) 1825–93, French neuropathologist.
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Noun1.Charcot - French neurologist who tried to use hypnotism to cure hysteria (1825-1893)
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Attraverso una erudita ricognizione delle influenze scientifiche sottese alla duplice storia di nevrosi ossessiva narrata in Profumo--che spazia da William Hammond a Julian Ochorowicz, da Claud Bernard a Jean-Martin Charcot, da Hippolythe Cloquet a Krafft-Ebing e Cesare Vigna--, Michelacci dimostra come Capuana certo spettacolarizzi il corpo femminile alla maniera dei fisiologi francesi ma, come e meglio che nella Giacinta rivisitata, non lo riduca a oggetto di meccanica, asettica anatomizzazione.
In his signal 1982 study of the Parisian asylum Salpetriere, where in the late nineteenth century a women's clinic headed by neurologist Jean-Martin Charcot treated female patients thought to be suffering from hysteria, philosopher Georges Didi-Huberman argues that the photographic tableaux authorized by Charcot, in which hysterics enacted their particular ailments, were not just of interest as disturbing curios but in fact helped lay the groundwork for the then nascent field of psychoanalysis.
The Centre hospitalier Jean-Martin Charcot (hereinafter CHJMC), located at 30 avenue Marc Lawrence, 78375 Plaisir,
Chama ainda a atencao o relato das descobertas de Jean-Martin Charcot, que estudou uma doenca previamente descrita em 1817 por James Parkinson: a doenca de Parkinson.
The first anatomopathological description of neuropathic joint destruction was reported by Jean-Martin Charcot in 1868.
Although Jean-Martin Charcot described the neurological joint in 1883, the exact etiology of Charcot's joints remains unclear.
The French neurologist Jean-Martin Charcot first described motor neurone disease in 1874.
He was intrigued by Jean-Martin Charcot, the neurologist who worked at the asylum.
Examples of this ranged from a print showing visitors in the laboratory of Justus Liebig, to the painting representing a clinical teaching session conducted by Jean-Martin Charcot in Paris.
A relevant component of the now largely discredited theory of hysteria, developed by the French neurologist Jean-Martin Charcot in the 19th century, was the concept of the "hysterogenic zones".
He documents the aspects of "thinker" and "conquistador" in Freud's early career, including the shift in his interest from the brain to the mind and the hypnotic, the influence of the neurologist Jean-Martin Charcot, and the evolution of his early clinical technique, to illustrate the shifts in Freud and his awareness of a psychoanalytic reality.
Born in Bordeaux, France, but based in Los Angeles, the raven-haired talent has generated buzz for her title role in Augustine, based on a real-life maid treated as a hysteric by 19th Century French neurologist Jean-Martin Charcot.