Jean-Philippe Rameau

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Noun1.Jean-Philippe Rameau - French composer of operas whose writings laid the foundation for the modern theory of harmony (1683-1764)
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37) and Jacques Autreau's Pintee, set by Jean-Philippe Rameau (see table 2.
Ainsi ont ete catalogues 20 recueils de musique vocale italienne (71 sur les 73 entres en 1978 avec la dation Chambure sont desormais catalogues), 19 manuscrits de Michel-Richard de Lalande (appartenant au fonds du Concert Spirituel) et completees (notamment par la saisie des incipits musicaux), l'ensemble des manuscrits de Jean-Philippe Rameau.
But this glittering diva soprano, born in Bordeaux 300 years ago, unmatched for her artistry, was not only the muse of the great Jean-Philippe Rameau.
9, Hantai was joined by American harpsichordist Sempe for a delightful duo-concert of the music of Jean-Philippe Rameau.
Composer breathes new life into opera A WELSH composer who reconstructed the long-neglected opera, Anacreon, by the French composer Jean-Philippe Rameau premiered the work in Oxford last night.
Anthony Marcuso offered delightful renderings of "Rondino" by Jean-Philippe Rameau and "Gypsy Earrings" by Bret Adams.
Set predominantly to music from the period - from George Philipp Telemann and Vivaldi to Mozart and Jean-Philippe Rameau - this was a resolutely modern choreography, with no pointe-work but with a fair share of classical thrown in.
Caglar Aydin can play the works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johann Sebastian Bach and Jean-Philippe Rameau without any errors.
Jean-Philippe Rameau (1683-1764) was one of France's great early composers of operatic and choral music, but he never actually wrote anything specifically for the orchestra alone.
Likewise she tells us that Jean-Philippe Rameau had one piano in poor condition and several hundred of his manuscripts; what did the rest of his house look like?
141-49), linking his musical choices with Lully, Andre Campra, and Jean-Philippe Rameau.