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n. pl. chaebol
A conglomerate of businesses, usually owned by a single family, especially in Korea.

[Korean chaebeol (formed on the model of Japanese zaibatsu, zaibatsu, by using the Korean pronunciation of the two Chinese characters with which the Japanese word is written) : chae, wealth (from Early Middle Chinese, dzəj; see zaibatsu) + beol, powerful family (from Early Middle Chinese buat; see zaibatsu).]


(Commerce) a large, usually family-owned, business group in South Korea
[C20: from Korean, literally: money clan]
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The group is hoping to reach Jebul Seraj, where organizers say the situation could be critical.
Refugees have been fleeing Kabul to Jebul Seraj in the Panjshir Valley.
The Taliban army was believed to have been driven out of Jebul Siraj, the headquarters of former military chief Ahmed Shah Massood about 60 miles north of Kabul.
While the reports were impossible to confirm, the loss of Jebul Siraj would be a major setback for the Taliban.