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Used to express surprise or annoyance.

[Alteration of Jesus.]


(ˈdʒiːpəz ˈkriːpəz) or

jeepers creepers

slang US and Canadian a mild exclamation of surprise
[C20: euphemism for Jesus]


(ˈdʒi pərz)

(used as a mild exclamation of surprise or emotion.)
[1925–30, Amer.; euphemistic alter. of Jesus]

jeepers (creepers)

interj (US inf) → Mensch (inf)
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JEEPERS CREEPERS 5* 9pM Justin Long (above) and Gina Philips see a hooded figure dump a body down a sewer pipe beside an old house.
JEEPERS CREEPERS JEEPERS CREEPERS JEEPERS CREEPERS 5* 9pM Justin Long (above) and Gina Philips see a hooded figure dump a body down a sewer pipe beside an old house.
Jeepers creepers, this is a red-hot race but I'm sure he'll win a big one at some point and he's going there high in confidence after a brilliant preparation.
For more about walkable plants, see this Q and A from the Jeepers Creepers website: www.
Plus there's reference to the songbooks of Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald The orchestra's albums include Jeepers Creepers and My Favourite Things, with tracks A String Of Pearls and The Story of A Starry Night.
And, with Sophia Bush (Grace) and Zachary Knighton (Jim) playing as good a couple in peril since the brother and sister who opened Jeepers Creepers, more's the pity that this turn out to be as equally silly.
Creating contemporary reinterpretations of old-time favourites including Mr Sandman and Jeepers Creepers and translating more modern songs like Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive and Blondie's Heart Of Glass into tight three-part harmonies .
original film House of 1000 Corpses $13 $17 +35% Lionsgate 4/11/03 The Transporter 25 43 +70% Fox 10/11/02 Jeepers Creepers 38 36 +6% MGM/UA 8/31/01 Pitch Black 39 58 +47% Focus 2/18/00 Resident Evil 40 50 +26% Sony 3/15/02 Agent Cody Banks 48 24 -51% MGM/UA 3/14/03 Diary of a Mad 50 opens 2/24 -- Black Woman Lionsgate 2/25/05 Underworld 51 opens 1/20 -- Sony 9/19/03 Final Destination 53 46 -13% New Line 3/17/00 Saw 55 87 +58% Lionsgate 10/29/04 Shanghai Noon 57 60 +6% BV 5/26/00 Note: Table made from bar graph.
Frank Harrington (Ray Wise, star of Jeepers Creepers 2, Twin Peaks) is grudgingly driving his family to spend the holiday season with his in-laws.
The two had been watching the film Jeepers Creepers together at his home last year, when she said he started kissing her.
Ray Wise appeared in two pictures at FanTasia's seventh edition, Jean-Baptiste Andrea's and Fabrice Canepa's Dead End and Victor Salva's Jeepers Creepers 2.
Two years ago he changed stylistic tack somewhat and came up with Jeepers Creepers, a creepy horror movie in which two teenagers discover a lair decorated with body parts and find themselves being stalked by the fiend responsible.