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Of, relating to, or characteristic of Thomas Jefferson or his political attitudes and theories.
A follower of Thomas Jefferson or a proponent of his politics.

Jef′fer·so′ni·an·ism n.


(ˌdʒɛf ərˈsoʊ ni ən)

1. of or pertaining to Thomas Jefferson or his political principles.
2. a supporter of Thomas Jefferson or his principles.
Jef`fer•so′ni•an•ism, n.
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Noun1.Jeffersonian - a follower of Thomas Jefferson or his ideas and principles
follower - a person who accepts the leadership of another
Adj.1.Jeffersonian - relating to or characteristic of Thomas Jefferson or his principles or theories; "Jeffersonian democracy"
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It is not alarmist to state that judicial term limits endanger all Floridians' Liberty (note my purposeful Jeffersonian capital "L").
The Jeffersonian is now no more and fans are understandably worried about the fate of these four characters.
Fox News contributor Kirsten Powers considers herself a liberal, but from the Jeffersonian tradition.
She will oversee BSMG's portfolio of community newspapers, including The Aegis, Towson Times, Arbutus Times, Baltimore Messenger, Carroll Eagle, Catonsville Times, Columbia Flier, Howard County Times, The Jeffersonian, Laurel Leader, The Record, North County News, Northeast Booster/Reporter and the Owings Mills Times.
Flow to Make Solid Wood 1800s Jeffersonian Bookstand
Dotts's focus is on the indispensability of ward-school education for the general citizenry in a thriving Jeffersonian republic.
En el capitulo El carnicero en el coche, el equipo del Jeffersonian investiga el asesinato de Jaime Delcampo, miembro de la banda de los Estrellas Locas.
It is a necessity to understanding how Thomas Jefferson's influence permeated the culture that gave rise to the First Amendment and how Jeffersonian ideas became the standards by which religious freedom was interpreted and applied.
Is America's Jeffersonian decentralist tradition alive, comatose, or irretrievably dead?
Relatives called The Jeffersonian Democrat newspaper in Brookville, Pennsylvania, after the obit appeared to report the woman was alive and well.
Madison's presidency, however, did reveal many of the emerging problems that would complicate matters for the Jeffersonian political order in the future.
For the Jeffersonian democrats, Americans were fortunate to enjoy widespread property ownership, with a large body of independent citizens, and to be free of the class hegemony and conflict of the Old World, thankfully an ocean away.