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 (jə-hŏsh′ə-făt′, -hŏs′-) or Je·hos·a·phat (-hŏs′-) Ninth century bc.
King of Judah who formed an alliance with the kingdom of Israel.


(dʒɪˈhɒʃəˌfæt; -ˈhɒs-)
1. (Bible) the king of Judah (?873–?849 bc) (I Kings 22:41–50)
2. (Bible) the site of Jehovah's apocalyptic judgment upon the nations (Joel 4:14)


(dʒɪˈhɒʃ əˌfæt, -ˈhɒs-)

a king of Judah who reigned in the 9th century B.C. I Kings 22:41–50.
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Mary Magdalene, John instructs the reader to follow the street heading out from the Gate of Jehosaphat until he finds himself on a street which leads to the Gate of Saint Stephen, from whence he will find additional streets which finally will carry him to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
En efecto, Cooper esta obsesionado por la vieja gloria colonial de su abuelo Jehosaphat en Africa que ha significado riqueza a partir de la explotacion de pieles de colobos.
Grampaw Pettibone said: Jumpin' jehosaphat, what was that pilot thinking?
Hear what he says, how in His Kindness the heavenly Lord has fashioned for us a wash-place near at hand, such as there never was except overseas, yonder by Jehosaphat and by this one here I bring you comfort.