Jehovah's Witnesses

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Jeho′vah's Wit′nesses

a Christian sect, founded in the late 19th century, that believes in the imminent destruction of the world's wickedness and the establishment of a theocracy under God's rule.
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Noun1.Jehovah's Witnesses - Protestant denomination founded in the United States by Charles Taze Russell in 1884
Protestant denomination - group of Protestant congregations
Jehovah's Witness - believer in imminent approach of the millennium; practitioner of active evangelism
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Richard Devine, a spokesman for Jehovah's Witnesses, states concerning the 135,000-square-foot parcel at 85 Jay Street: "The site spans an entire city block in the dynamic Dumbo neighborhood and has nearly one million square feet of development rights.
Any suggestion that Jehovah's Witnesses cover up child abuse is absolutely false.
And she believes the Jehovah's Witnesses wanted to hush up the abuse because of a shocking and little-known "two-witness rule", which meant they did not alert the police when allegations were made to them.
Currently, the so-called "two-witness rule" means Jehovah's Witnesses deal with allegations of "sins" internally and only investigate themselves if the claim is corroborated by a second testimony - something lawyers say is unlikely given that many victims are abused on their own, in private.
We can also today reveal how: All but one of the fellow elders who investi-|gated claims against the disgraced businessman, who was once an elder in the Barry congregation, declined to give evidence in his Crown Court trial; e Jehovah's Witnesses provided nothing to |help the police and prosecutors in their investigation, despite "dis-fellowshipping" Sewell 20 years ago; Claims the church shredded evidence about |the allegations 'ies in the face of their own latest guidance on child abuse; and e church's own policy on child abuse alle-|gations does not prevent known paedophiles from taking on high-status roles within the organisation.
This year's convention theme is very important because it directs the spotlight on one of the basic family values of Jehovah's Witnesses," said P Ioannides, spokesman for the Witnesses.
Jehovah's Witnesses promise a clear explanation of the subject and invite the public to attend some or all of the sessions.
The vicar at the church at Scremerston objected to the proposal claiming Jehovah's Witnesses are not Christians.
On April 17 several followers of the Jehovah's Witnesses were injured in a clash provoked by a rally against their sect, organized by VMRO.
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses in Yambio was empty on December 26, 2010 (ST)
For example, some hospitals require Jehovah's Witnesses to sign a form that formally states that they refuse the administration of blood products.
Because they respect life and value good health, Jehovah's Witnesses accept the vast majority of medical treatments available.