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(French ʒəmap)
(Placename) a town in SW Belgium, in Hainaut province west of Mons: scene of a battle (1792) during the French Revolutionary Wars, in which the French defeated the Austrians



a town in SW Belgium. 12,455.
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Kevin, who is originally from Cobh, Co Cork, runs the Cork and Cavan bar on Quai de Jemmapes, a minute's walk from one of the bars where several people died.
It's a friendly water canal where Parisians like to walk and chill, and there's a cool, small concrete skatepark called Jemmapes (aka Gmap) 500 meters from the shop.
Stay at the Ibis La Villette, Bastille, Jemmapes, Republique or Gare De Lyon in Paris.
Service marches publics, 96 rue de Jemmapes, CS 22018
Address : Service des Marches Publics 96 Rue de Jemmapes CS 22018 59013 Lille cedex