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(ˈjɛspəsən; ˈdʒɛs-)
(Biography) (Jens) Otto (Harry). 1860–1943, Danish philologist: author of Modern English Grammar (1909–31)


(ˈyɛs pər sən, ˈdʒɛs-)

(Jens) Otto (Harry), 1860–1943, Danish philologist.
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Noun1.Jespersen - Danish linguist (1860-1943)
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The most notable of these is the Ninth Circuit's 2006 decision in Jespersen v.
Stream processing is rapidly growing in importance for real-time applications/analytics, and Internet of Things applications, said Dave Jespersen, vice president of worldwide services, MapR Technologies.
Kjeld Jespersen, Caterpillar's construction technology and solutions manager, says Redbird's services are "absolutely relevant for Middle Eastern markets".
Paul Jespersen, vice president of emerging technologies at the Clifton, N.
The team consists of Expedition Leader Josh Jespersen, a Navy SEAL, team member Nick Colgin, an Army Airborne Combat Medic, team member Margaux Mange, an Army Military Police member, and team member Brian McPherson, a Marine Infantryman.
The Board members were Emilie Wieth-Knudsen (President), Ole Bisbjerg (Vice-President), Karin Tofte-Hansen (Secretary), Anne Helle Jespersen (Editor of MusikBIB), Kristoffer Brinch Kjeldby (Webmaster) and Helene Olsen (Cashier).
10AM PREMIERE Student film-makers tag along with poacher Otto Jespersen.
In 2000, Darlene Jespersen lost a job that she loved.
Entre los trabajos realizados durante esa epoca se podrian destacar el Ayuntamiento de R0dovre, el edificio de oficinas Jespersen, el pabellon deportivo de Landskrona, la escuela Nyagger, o la escuela Christianeum de Hamburgo.
Dr Astrid Jespersen, one of the authors of the study, said that the findings could help motivate people who normally hate to exercise.