Jet d'eau

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Jet` d'eau´

1.A stream of water spouting, esp. upward, from a fountain or pipe for ornament; also, the fountain or pipe from which it issues.
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The veins and arteries spouted up such a prodigious quantity of blood, and so high in the air, that the great JET D'EAU at Versailles was not equal to it for the time it lasted: and the head, when it fell on the scaffold floor, gave such a bounce as made me start, although I was at least half an English mile distant.
The Jet D'Eau fires water up to 140m (459ft) into the air above Lake Geneva by comparison but that's on purpose.
Il est en effet courant de rencontrer a Tizi Ouzou des personnes qui [beaucoup moins que] arrosent a jet d'eau [beaucoup plus grand que] des trottoirs, voire la chaussee, sous pretexte de reduire la poussiere devant son domicile ou son magasin, ou encore pour une ephemere quete de fraicheur.
They also visited the 10 km high Jet d'Eau fountain.
Half a million people turn out for the pyrotechnic extravaganza, which takes place in the skies above Lake Geneva and makes the famous Jet d'Eau fountain its centrepiece at the finale.
One of the most famous sights of the city is the Jet d'Eau, originally a safety valve of the Coulouvreniere hydraulics factory.
For 15 swiss francs, you can power up the lake passing popular landmarks as you go, such as the famous Jet d'eau water fountain.
These include Times Square in New York City; Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro; Trafalgar Square in London; and the Jet d'Eau in Geneva, among others.
As the trio rode through three countries, and three different mountain ranges, they took time out to enjoy the Jet d'Eau and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
Fantastic fountain The Jet D'Eau shoots 200km/hour up into the air to create a 140m sky-high plume of water in Lake Geneva.
There's a great rooftop view of the Jet D'Eau - the highest water fountain in the world and Geneva's symbol.
Gary Moore, trainer of Jet D'Eau "She let us down last time.