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(Bible) Old Testament a Midianite priest, the father-in-law of Moses (Exodus 3:1; 4:18)


(ˈdʒɛθ roʊ)

the father-in-law of Moses. Ex. 3:1.
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Miss Jethro advanced, not noticing Emily's expression of surprise.
I beg your pardon, Miss Jethro, one of the things I can't endure is being puzzled.
Miss Jethro answered mechanically, using the same words.
Emily still offered her hand--and still Miss Jethro refused to see it.
With or without light, she was still bent on making Miss Jethro explain herself.
And now Ed Sheeran's cousin Jethro Sheeran admits he has been worried about the star's constant partying.
Jethro is a 18-month-old Lakeland Terrier who lives with his family in Biggar Where did you get him?
Veteran prog rocker Ian Anderson has announced six dates for Jethro Tull: The Rock Opera, one of which is September 13 at Sage Gateshead.
Two-year-old crossbreed Jethro is a bilingual dog - he's able to respond to some commands in Spanish as well as English.
com)-- The Speak Up Talk Radio Network announces the addition of two radio programs to its current lineup: Psychics Gone Wild and Living in the Psychic Realm hosted by founder, Jethro Smith.