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n.1.One who struts; one who bears himself jauntily; a fop.
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The Board of Directors has elected Mr John Jetter to serve as Non-A[degrees]?
For full descriptions of the pairings, photos and/or interview requests please contact Marisa Jetter or Stephanie Teuwen at Teuwen Communications.
Introduction to Sewer Cleaning Using Jetter Equipment" provides fundamental information about the safe and efficient use of sewer cleaning equipment.
One truck fully equipped with large inventory, excavator on heavy duty trailer, jetter, underground camera, threaders, benders and cutters, sub pumps, heavy duty jack hammers and much more.
Koederitz will replace current CEO Martin Jetter who will become the new strategy chief at IBM headquarters in the US state of New York.
Witel's global mobile phone service and its Jetter Wi-Fi phone allows free mobile phone calls without the need for a computer or a dedicated Internet connection.
PALMDALE -- A man found dead in a house in a gated community in west Palmdale was identified as Robert Jetter, 45, sheriff's investigators said Tuesday.
To get the complete word on this exchange or other survival radio issues, call the AN/PRC-112D item manager, Bruce Jetter, DSN 992-1191 or (732) 532-1191.
HIGH pressure water jetter Keith Beale, 54, of Passfield Crescent, South Bank, died after being admitted to the University Hospital of North Tees in Stockton on Monday .
Jetter were also elected shareholders in the West Palm Beach office.
A DANGEROUS electricity socket at a North Wales warehouse could have given anyone using a water jetter an electric shock,magistrates were told.
Our users loved the idea of conferencing throughout the world, but wanted a simple solution," said Michael Jetter, president of MindJET, LLC.