Jew's mallow

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(Bot.) an annual herb (Corchorus olitorius) cultivated in Syria and Egypt as a pot herb, and in India for its fiber.
a plant (Corchorus olitorius) used as a pot herb by the Jews of Egypt and Syria.

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The fertile land watered by the Nile produced a large number of vegetables including cucumbers, peas, taro, Jew's mallow, courgettes, purslane, celery, leek, mint and radish.
Made from a green leafy vegetable also known as Jew's mallow, it's cooked in a smooth, thick, tasty stew with lots of garlic and onions and served with white Egyptian rice, roasted chicken, tomato sauce, served separately, and some minced onion with vinegar, also served separately.
The health ministry said the insecticide chlorpyrifos was also detected in frozen Jew's mallow, a leafy vegetable, produced by Yantai Beihai in 2002 and exported to Japan.