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A river, about 1000 km (620 mi) long, of central China rising in Gansu province and flowing south to the Yangtze River at Chongqing.
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Table - 1 New producers of motorcycles and capacity, 2002 Capacity Producers Location Brand (Unit/year) PT Bowa Nusantara Motor Karawang, Bosowa-Hyosung West Java PT Kymco Lippo Motor Tanggerang, Jetmatic Kymco Banten Kymco PT Sanex Motor Serang, Sanex 360,000 Qianjiang International Banten PT Semesta Citra Karawang, Kanzen 60,000 Motorindo West Java Skuter Scudetto PT Pan Jianshe Milinea Tanggerang, Jianshe 100,000 Indonesia Banten PT Anglo Sama Sidoarjo, Garuda 350,000 Permata Motor East Java PT Tossa Sakti Semarang, Tossa 100,000 Central Java PT Buana Dialing Sakti Tangerang, Jialing 42,000 Motor Banten Source: Data Consult Table - 2 Indonesia's production of motorcycles, 1997-2002 Year Production Growth ('000 units) (%) 1997 1,856.
FOCUS ON SELECT GLOBAL PLAYERS II-51 Bajaj Auto Limited (India) II-51 BMW Group (Germany) II-51 China Jialing Industrial Co.
PT Buana Jialing Sakti Motor is the only company having production facility for Chinese motorcycles.
Chairman and president Zhang Jialing visited Coventry recently and said he wanted to base the plant near the city.
PARATYPES: 7 [male][male], same data as the holotype; 5 [male][male], China: Shaanxi province, Qinling Mountains, East of Jialing River Source Scenic Spot, 1575 m, 106.
Once completed, the Chongqing International Trade and Commerce Center's tallest tower will rise to a height of 468 meters and stand on the banks of the Jialing River like a gigantic unfolding sail.
But a few months later, there appeared in The New Yorker: "China Journal," miraculous new poems from the Great Wall, the Jialing River (where the poet was "speechless from daybreak till now"), Leshan, and Xi'an.
Known today as the Jialing [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] river.
Tiantai, south tributary of source of Jialing River, 1800 m, 10-VI-1998, Leg.
Three oceanauts,Ye Cong, Fu Wentao and Tang Jialing, will pilot the Jiaolong and will be supported by nearly 100 scientists aboard who test the submersible's functionality, conduct scientific research and take seabed samples during the dive.
Jialing-Honda Motors, which currently manufactures and sells motorcycles, will sell the 163-cc engines initially to local companies in Jialing.
China has begun construction on a large-scale project to reduce the 700 million tons of untreated wastewater annually flowing into the world's third longest river, the Yangtze, and one of its main tributaries, the Jialing.