Jig saw

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a sawing machine with a narrow, vertically reciprocating saw, used to cut curved and irregular lines, or ornamental patterns in openwork, a scroll saw; - called also gig saw.

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Spring Jig saw out the trip well and was only beaten a neck at Kempton, looking as though he could really make his mark in handicap company in due course.
Berwick almost took an early lead through Michael McKenna, before home centre--half JIG saw Kieran Ainslie smashed past a post.
But Alan came up with a solution: "Cut a hole in the bottom with a jig saw,'' he said.
Encouraged by the idea of making something tangible Thomas Holdsworth invested in pedal powered jig saw machines, plywood and out-of-date calendar prints to make the very first Holdson puzzle.
He was a supporter of the NE Patriots and the Red Sox, was proficient completing jig saw puzzles and enjoyed many bus trips to Foxwoods.
This will allow you to get the jig saw blade though the door when you start cutting out the rectangular hole.
The haul, which includes a hedge trimmer, bore hammer, jig saw and an electrical transformer, was recovered in Coventry on Thursday, October 9.
The situation with the Ukrainian and the Cuban is just a tiny piece of the jig saw and the bottom line is that the world's top boxers will be in Beijing.
Pete Tovey, 81, rigged up the machine using a handgun and an electric jig saw, the Gold Coast Bulletin newspaper in Queensland reported.
Makita announces the release of its new Jig Saw (4329K).
The Malco Notcher offers an alternative to a jig saw for curved cuts.
Trace inside the template, then cut with a jig saw.