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n. pl. keiretsu or kei·ret·sus
A network of businesses that own stakes in one another as a means of mutual security, especially in Japan, and usually including large manufacturers and their suppliers of raw materials and components.

[Japanese, series, affiliation : kei, system + retsu, row, line.]


1. (Commerce)
a. a group of Japanese businesses that are closely linked through shareholding, etc, and form a strong corporate unit
b. (as modifier): keiretsu groups.
2. (Commerce) (as modifier): keiretsu groups.
3. (Commerce) a non-Japanese business conglomerate similar to a keiretsu


(keɪˈrɛt su)
n., pl. -su.
(esp. in Japan) a loose coalition of business groups.
[1975–80; < Japanese]
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