John Millington Synge

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Noun1.John Millington Synge - Irish poet and playwright whose plays are based on rural Irish life (1871-1909)
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McDonagh embraces the great Irish tradition of rich storytelling in this masterpiece, seamlessly weaving sentimentality and savagery into an inherent Gaelic charm -- a modern day JM Synge," said producer Padraig Downey, the founder of Danu and director of the theatre group's past three productions.
Summary: JM Synge is not a name to send a modern aesthete into ecstasy, but in the days when English literature was taught in schools and colleges, rather than merely English, his plays were a standard text.
She plays Widow Quin in the Druid Theatre Company's production of the JM Synge classic alongside Cillian Murphy and Anne-Marie Duff.