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Noun1.Joan Miro - Spanish surrealist painter (1893-1983)Joan Miro - Spanish surrealist painter (1893-1983)
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Pablo Picasso and Joan Miro are two of 20th centurys most influential artists - the first founded cubism while the second was active in the emergence of surrealism.
ARTIST-DESIGNED posters from exhibitions held by such greats as David Hockney, Andy Warhol, Marc Chagall, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse and Joan Miro go on show at Cardiff's Albany Gallery this month.
Al-Youssef's experience as a marine captain exposed him to different artists around the world, including the Irish figurative artist Francis Bacon, whose style inspired al-Youssef's dark approach and colors, as well as the French-American artist Marcel Duchamp and the Spanish artist Joan Miro.
With which artistic movement were Salvador Dali, Joan Miro Rene Magritte associated?
Celui-ci a rassemble des tableaux, sculptures, dessins, photos, revues, films et maquettes d'epoque signes par plus de 200 artistes dont les Espagnols Salvador Dali, Joan Miro et Pablo Picasso, pretes par une centaine de collections et fonds publics et prives.
Dubai: Art lovers in Dubai will have the chance to view 267 works by renowned artists Pablo Picasso and Joan Miro at an exhibition that will open its doors to the public on March 7-17.
A small selection of works by Francis Bacon, Joan Miro, Yves Klein, Damien Hirst, Victor Vasarely, Peter Halley, Peter Zimmerman and Hiroshi Sugimoto will also be offered.
He is the grandson of Fernand Mourlot who, as the director of Atelier Mourlot in Paris, developed the largest and most famous print shop in the 20th century and collaborated with highly recognized artists including Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Joan Miro, Marc Chagall, Alexander Calder, and Francis Bacon to produce original lithographic works.
The agreement was signed in the presence of Joan Miro Romos, Jordi Canet Casabayo, Amer Ahmed Fauri of S&P and Navin Valrani, Pramodh Idicheria, and Vijaya Bhaskar of Leminar.
Joan Miro era a los 18 anos un joven residente de Barcelona que llevaba doble vida: trabajaba como contador en un negocio farmaceutico y tambien dibujaba y pintaba.
Visitors can find 26 sculptures created by international and Arab artists, including works by Henry Moore (UK), Victor Vazarelly and Cesar Baldicini (France), Joan Miro (Spain), Alexander Calder (US), Jane Arb (Germany), Rabia Al-Akhras (Syria) and Mustafa Sunbul (Egypt).
For instance, in the last two years there has been a renewed interest in the sculptures of Joan Miro.