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Noun1.Joan Sutherland - Australian operatic soprano (born in 1926)Joan Sutherland - Australian operatic soprano (born in 1926)
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The Sydney Opera House provided a glimpse of the changes that audiences will see when the world-famous Joan Sutherland Theatre re-opens on New Years Eve, after seven months of renewal works.
La Traviata--Luciano Pavarotti, Matteo Manuguerra, Richard Bonynge, The National Philharmonic Orch, Dame Joan Sutherland, The London Opera Chorus
Joan Sutherland and conductor Colin Davis were both beneficiaries.
I'd like to give you my choice of winners: to the tenor Oleksiy the Dame Joan Sutherland Audience Prize and, of course, the main prize to the baritone from Mongolia.
I made my American debut in 1965 alongside Joan Sutherland.
watch an actual full-length production at the Joan Sutherland Theater inside.
The latter opera was revived in the 1970s by conductor Richard Bonynge for his wife Joan Sutherland, and he provides the accompaniments here.
De Wiart served in many regions of conflict in the second world war and in 1951 married Joan Sutherland, 23 years younger than him.
And she not only played Frankie Vaughan, she interviewed him too, as well as the likes of Birmingham born actor Tony Britton, father of presenter Fern Britton, the late film director Roy Boulting, actor Donald Sinden and the late opera star Joan Sutherland.
And how can Joan Sutherland, Lucian Pavarotti and other singers give such wonderful expression to the music?
Pat Allan Singers - Dame Joan Sutherland, Peter Dawson, Malcolm McEachern.
Viewers may have already seen something of his famous Scarpia, preserved in bits and pieces opposite sopranos as different as Maria Callas and Joan Sutherland.