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The absentees gave his candidate Joan D'Arc an ideal opportunity and the five-year-old cashed in but only after Matt Crawley had kept the partnership intact after a blunder at the third-last.
Sadly, the central mediaeval market square has been defaced by a massive ugly piece of modern architecture in its centre dedicated to Joan d'Arc, who was burnt as a witch at the stake.
Eastman's darkly powerful voice can be heard in the reverent "Prelude to the Holy Presence of Joan D'Arc.
Joan D'Arc Leelee Sobieski Isabelle D'Arc Jacqueline Bisset Jacques D'Arc Powers Boothe King Charles Neil Patrick Harris Sir Robert de Baudricourt Maury Chaykin Mother Babette Olympia Dukakis Duke of Bedford Jonathan Hyde Father Monet Robert Loggia Madame de Beaurevoir Shirley MacLaine Bishop Cauchon Peter O'Toole Bertrand de Poligny Cliff Saunders Brother John Le'Maitre Maximilian Schell La Hire Peter Strauss Jean de Metz Chad Willett