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n. Greek Mythology
A queen of Thebes who unknowingly married her own son, Oedipus.


(Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth a queen of Thebes, the wife of Laius, who married Oedipus without either of them knowing he was her son


(dʒoʊˈkæs tə)

a legendary queen of Thebes who was both the mother and wife of Oedipus.
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Noun1.Jocasta - (Greek mythology) queen of Thebes who unknowingly married her own son Oedipus
Greek mythology - the mythology of the ancient Greeks
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Join The Man in Black, Vincent, Blake Barrington, Herbert Mortimer or Jocasta Spell, for an entertaining walk around the historic streets of Stratford to hear ghostly stories.
He even hammered out a sword and helmet for 40-year-old wife Jocasta, who is also in Sealed Knot.
The chinless Tristan or Jocasta that blurted it out during their wholly under-prepared meeting with the boss of BBC One's programme planning department probably knew the idea stank too.
A Aphrodite B Electra C Jocasta D Pandora All puzzles in this supplement are supplied by Sirius Media Services.
DEVOTED "I've written over a dozen songs about her since I've been with her - she's like my Yoko," says the singer, who had hits with Nineties Britpop band Jocasta.
As we shall see between Oedipus and Jocasta, the deficiencies of Abram's faith are compounded in his spouse's misbelief.
For one thing, the Euripidean heroes, and especially Eteocles and Jocasta, utilise the meaning and power of names in ways that roughly echo the Aeschylean treatment of the story; such cases concern the use of personal names, which are occasionally perceived and spoken of as tokens of their bearers' traits.
Thefinaleisthemostvaluable contest and JOCASTA DAWN (5.
Thebes's "rascal prophet" (705), Teiresias, has just accused him of being the king's murderer, and Oedipus is explaining to Jocasta that he suspects her brother, Creon, of colluding with the blind seer.
Former Britpop star Tim, who used to be in band Jocasta, later said he is hoping to hit the charts with a love song about Jessie.
A curse is laid on dissoluteTheban King Laius (Aitor Basauri) foretelling he will be killed by his own son who will then marry his mother Jocasta (Petra Massey).