Joe Blow

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Noun1.Joe Blow - a hypothetical average manJoe Blow - a hypothetical average man    
common man, common person, commoner - a person who holds no title
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For a reporter, for instance, this sort of deep digging was routine with, say, candidates for public office, not for Joe Blow citizen.
Barry said he met Bayley after putting up an advert online for a flatmate and described him as "the average Joe Blow, professional, clean, tidy" who pays his bills on time.
Don't waste my time telling me what Joe Blow has not done for me
I'm fine with my dad having a firearm, but I'm not fine with Joe Blow off the street having one," she said.
For example, Joe Blow in Little Rock thinks he might want to start his own shoe store.
People may come down even harder on someone like the Dalai Lama, than they do on Joe Blow," said author Kurt Gray, assistant professor of psychology at the University of Maryland.
How many times have I worked at a farm and found that the reason they are performing some technique or using some equipment design is because Joe Blow is doing it and he is growing well?
If I was Joe Blow off the corner, and not a well-known filmmaker, that'd be hard.
The Mixtape Jam is a collaboration between a who's who of Welsh hip hop, from Cardiff scene founders such as Me One to the award-winning beatboxer Fozzy, as well as the likes of Humurak D Gritty, The Headcase Ladz, Dead Residents and newbies like Joe Blow.
Not just farmer Joe Blow with his one mare who probably needs to be removed from the production line, but all the way up to those who run the Coolmore and Darley enterprises, who need to act more responsibly in the marketing of their stallions.
Smith & Wesson also announced it has entered into an agreement with Joe Blow Tees Inc.
The subject of VoIP is absolutely crucial to enterprise decision makers and Joe Blow consumers alike right now.