Joe Miller

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Joe´ Mil´ler

1.A jest book; a stale jest; a worn-out joke.
It is an old Joe Miller in whist circles, that there are only two reasons that can justify you in not returning trumps to your partner's lead; i. e., first, sudden illness; secondly, having none.
- Pole.
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Joe Miller never made such a joke as sending it to Bob's will be.
Taylor said the complaints came in a letter from Derek Noble, a friend of Clyde assistant boss Joe Miller.
FORMER Rangers star Graham Roberts was appointed as Clyde's new manager yesterday - and his first signing for the Bully Wee was former Old Firm rival Joe Miller.
But the guy who is really doing the business for the Roy Aitken is another ex-Celt Joe Miller.
In April 1994, the Company acquired the operations of Joe Miller Homes, a leading homebuilder in the Minneapolis/St.
Los Angeles chef Joe Miller, owner and chef of Joe's Restaurant, has been named to the Freschetta Culinary Council (FCC), a team of renowned chefs from around the country who work together to develop new frozen-food recipes for the Freschetta brand.
Mark McGhee is the leading runner ahead of former boss Tommy McLean, Chris McCart and Joe Miller.
Mr Roberts claimed it was "to do with money, he would fight it all the way and if he was going down he would take Joe Miller with him", the hearing in Glasgow was told.
Joe Miller Homes has an excellent reputation and is one of the three largest builders in the Minneapolis/St.
Other speakers include: Joe Lee, vice president, product marketing -- Actives, New Focus; Joe Miller, acting director, long-haul product marketing, Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc.
The former Rangers star has applied to take over from Joe Miller, who left the club last week.
JOE MILLER is ready to snub managerless Livingston and stay at Clyde.