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 (zhôf′rə), Joseph Jacques Césaire 1852-1931.
French field marshal who commanded the Allied armies in France in World War I.


(French ʒɔfrə)
(Biography) Joseph Jacques Césaire (ʒozɛf ʒak sezɛr). 1852–1931, French marshal. He commanded the French army (1914–16) and was largely responsible for the Allies' victory at the Marne (1914), which halted the German advance on Paris


(ˈʒɔf rə)

Joseph Jacques Césaire, 1852–1931, French general in World War I.
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Noun1.Joffre - French field marshal who commanded the Allied armies in France during World War II (1852-1931)Joffre - French field marshal who commanded the Allied armies in France during World War II (1852-1931)
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There was no prospect for a breakthrough but the German C in C didn't want to launch the 'Big Push', he intended to draw the entire French army into a giant mincer, to force General Joffre to condemn his soldiers to an overwhelming storm of steel, the funeral pyre of the French infantryman.
CEO doctor Jacques Joffre is an experienced photographer and co-founder of Photomatix Software.
Bourachot, a general and specialist in the French army, traces the period when General Joseph Jacques Cesaire Joffre was Chief of the General Staff and Commander-in-Chief designate for France prior to and during World War I, from 1911 until his removal and appointment as Marshal of France in 1916.
Last week, we reported that Scots climber Neil MacKenzie and two companions died on Mount Joffre, in the Canadian Rockies.
Neil Charles Mackenzie, 31, who had been living in Vancouver, was killed with Stephanie Grothe, 30, and Elena Cernicka, 35, near the summit of 8900ft Joffre Peak in British Columbia.
The Franco-British troops, under the command of General Joffre, had finally succeeded in stopping the German army in its swift and, until then, seemingly inexorable progress into French territory.
First World War generals such as Joffre, Foch, Haig and Ludendorff may have had their limitations but they were not stupid men.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Syrian community in France gathered in Joffre Square in Paris to celebrate success of the presidential election in Syria and Bashar al-Assad's wining a new presidential term after three years of steadfastness.
In late 2015, Nova will start up production of a gas-phase LLDPE plant with close to 1 billion lb/yr capacity at Joffre, Alberta.
This project is located at NOVA Chemicals' Joffre site near Red Deer in Alberta, Canada.
After three chapters devoted to pre-war planning and the context of political and military authority within which figures like French Generals Joseph Joffre and Ferdinand Foch, and on the British side Horatio Herbert Kitchener and Sir John French would make decisions, the remaining five chapters examine in great detail the deployment of the British Expeditionary Force to France, setbacks during the Battle of the Frontiers, the "Miracle" of the Marne, and the subsequent vicissitudes of the "Race to the Sea," ending with the onset of winter and stalemate all along the front.
In 1911, General Joseph-Jacques-Cesaire Joffre became the new Chief of the General Staff.