Johann Sebastian Bach

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Noun1.Johann Sebastian Bach - German baroque organist and contrapuntistJohann Sebastian Bach - German baroque organist and contrapuntist; composed mostly keyboard music; one of the greatest creators of western music (1685-1750)
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BEIRUT: Al Bustan International Festival of Music will celebrate its 25th edition this year, with a program around Johann Sebastian Bach -- the composer whose music, for many, embodies "Baroque music.
The two caught up with each other again many years later in Paris, Johann Christian nearing the end of his life, Mozart soon to be introduced on his imminent move to Vienna to the grandeur of Johann Sebastian Bach himself.
Thirteen years later and well after Anna Magdalena's official retirement from her position as court singer, Johann Sebastian Bach directed in Leipzig the first performance of the Coffee Cantata (BWV 211), a vehicle for a highly skilled soprano in conditions that Bach scholarship has generally assumed spoke against public participation by women.
Even though the title suggests it, Rose's book is not about Johann Sebastian Bach.
The familiar melodies of "Musette in F," "Bist du bei mir," "Menuet in G," and "March in C" by Johann Sebastian Bach from his Anna Magdalena Notebook are presented in a straightforward, detailed, and accessible format in this set of arrangements by Albert Ligotti.
TODAY NATIONAL OF 1750: Johann Sebastian Bach, German composer, died of a stroke.
IT is said of Johann Sebastian Bach that even his solemn compositions have an element of joy-an underlying gratitude for the inestimable privilege of being alive.
Say played pieces of Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven and Modest Mussorgsky during his concert at Konzerthaus in Berlin.
Joanne Marcello offered sensitive renderings of Minuet in G by Johann Sebastian Bach and Surprise Symphony by Joseph Haydn.
Albert Einstein, Johann Sebastian Bach, Karl Marx, Heidi Klum - your boys took a hell of a beating
MacLachlan claims to be a descendent of Johann Sebastian Bach.
The self-possessed and energetic young harpsichord player Monika Knoblochova, well-known as the first women to win the Davidoff Prize, has recorded pieces by Johann Sebastian Bach.