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bears the deep imprint of three prophetic personalities: of John Hus, its protagonist, hero, and martyr; of John Amos Comenius, its philosopher, educator, and theologian; and of Peter Chelcicky, its stern prophet, conscience, and climax (MOLNAR, 1947, p.
In the reformations period, Brady is able to cover the high politics of the emperors and their ambitions and, in the next page, come down to the local level of supporters of John Hus, Luther, the use of printing and images, and the specific goals of rural people.
The articles devoted to the final theme focus on issues of philosophical realism at Prague, especially the problem of universals, the influence of Wycliffe upon both John Hus and Jerome of Prague, and listings of sources from Prague library collections relating to these matters.
Simplicity as a spiritual discipline was so important that one of the first great reformers, John Hus, when amidst great controversy was betrayed and martyred, spoke his last words, "O holy simplicity