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Noun1.John Smith - English explorer who helped found the colony at Jamestown, VirginiaJohn Smith - English explorer who helped found the colony at Jamestown, Virginia; was said to have been saved by Pocahontas (1580-1631)
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I consented to a monument, although there is, to me, no more bitterly ridiculous outcome of human vanity than the blocks raised to tell posterity that John Smith, or Jane Jackson, late of this parish, was born, lived, and died worth enough money to pay a mason to distinguish their bones from those of the unrecorded millions.
name of John Smith, penciled on the Washington monument.
Here is a hogshead of molasses or of brandy directed to John Smith, Cuttingsville, Vermont, some trader among the Green Mountains, who imports for the farmers near his clearing, and now perchance stands over his bulkhead and thinks of the last arrivals on the coast, how they may affect the price for him, telling his customers this moment, as he has told them twenty times before this morning, that he expects some by the next train of prime quality.
One might swear that all the John Smiths and George Wilkinsons, and all the other pitiful nobodies between Kingdom Come and Baalbec would inscribe their poor little names upon the walls of Baalbec's magnificent ruins, and would add the town, the county and the State they came from-- and swearing thus, be infallibly correct.
John Smith has a really boring name; he isn't even the only one in the house
I'M trying to trace a John Smith born 1889 in Oldham, his father was also called John Smith who was married in Gateshead in 1915 aged 50 also died in Gateshead November 17, 1915, (aged 51).
Earlier, a third man, John Smith, 66, of Wold Gate, Bridlington, East Yorkshire, denied assisting an offender.
Sponsors John Smith have decided to end their association with the race after the 2013 renewal PICTURE: GETTY IMAGES
The John Smith Memorial Trust is now accepting applications for the 2010 John Smith Fellowship Programme.
Regional director John Smith said the move represents a further investment and commitment by the group in the city and Midlands region.
In December 1607, Captain John Smith was exploring the uncharted upper regions of the Chickahominy River.
If John Smith is typical of LAPD leadership, we have a very great problem indeed.