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n. pl. John·ny-come-late·lies or John·nies-come-late·ly (jŏn′ēz-) Informal
A newcomer or latecomer, especially a recent adherent to a cause or trend.


n, pl Johnny-come-latelies or Johnnies-come-lately
a brash newcomer, novice, or recruit


n., pl. Johnny-come-latelies or -latelys, Johnnies-come-lately.
a late arrival or participant; newcomer.


n (inf) (= newcomer)Neuankömmling m; (= late starter)Nachzügler(in) m
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I keep telling people that the Grimaldi family in place at the Palace of Monaco was Johnny-come-lately among many European titles.
Mark Strand, however, is no Johnny-come-lately when it comes to pictorial culture; he studied with Josef Albers at Yale, where he earned a BFA in 1959.
This means that all the johnny-come-lately game investors, do so to breed offspring which they then sell to other johnny-come-lately breeders, all hoping that the rare game will remain rare, or that the aberrant, mutant types, will remain in fashion.
I'm a huge Johnny-come-lately, here, and I hadn't always been this excited.
This is how you understand the ancestry of land; and you, interloper, Johnny-Come-Lately, you must learn the rituals of centuries of claiming what was not their own, centuries of turning the earth into the basic trace of memory, the purchase of a dream.
The cant and hypocrisy from a Johnny-come-lately who was parachuted into his seat to replace an ineffectual MP is amazing.
When this Johnny-come-Lately returns home and gives his poor daughter that injured puppy look when she asks him "How did it go, dad?
To others he's the antichrist in a Chelsea shirt; the archetypal armchair Johnny-come-lately that embodies Sky's insidious influence on the people's game.
They were there long before the Johnny-come-lately BNP and they'll still be there long after its demise.
One of the things Evertonians will forever have over the Johnny-Come-Lately Liverpudlians is that we were here 14 years before them (between 1878 and in 1892 our local rivals were Bootle FC).
The real fans, the working class, are now fast going the way of the dodo and being replaced by the Johnny-come-lately middle classes who can afford inflated prices.