Joint tenancy

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(Law) a tenure by two or more persons of estate by unity of interest, title, time, and possession, under which the survivor takes the whole.

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If there's a joint tenancy agreement for the whole house - a common type of shared house arrangement - occupants will probably only need one licence between them.
In the future, if you wish to split your interests, the joint tenancy can be "severed" and turned into a tenancy in common at any time.
Objectives : The works consist mainly of improving the insulation of the buildings and windows as well as renovation of the heat generation and distribution system in the buildings, ventilation systems, and electric appliances which are part of the joint tenancy area (lights, pumps, etc.
From May 2008 the couple had a joint tenancy and his wages were paid into a bank account controlled by her.
My ex-wife has served me with something called a Notice of Severance of Joint Tenancy on the house we used to own and live in together.
Tenancy in Common (TIC): In the law, the type of ownership created when real or personal property is granted to two or more persons, each of whom has an undivided interest in the property and an equal right to use the property without expressed words creating a joint tenancy.
For example, adding an unmarried partner's name to a property deed is technically a gift, as is purchasing a home as a joint tenancy.
In the 14th century, partition actions developed to sever the joint tenancy and the concept of tenancy in common was born.
Miss A is under 35 and lives in a threebedroom property in which she had a joint tenancy with Miss C, both receiving nonresidential floating housing support.
If you are sharing a house with other students and you use a device to watch/record TV in your own room, but the house can be treated as one place shared by all, then only one TV Licence is required (a joint tenancy agreement would usually be evidence that the house is a single licensable place for this purpose).
Coast & Country housing has provided a property for young people's charity Coatham House - which supports those in need aged 16 to 25 - to accommodate Kacey O'Malley and Sharlotte Cambage, who will share joint tenancy of the Eston house.

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