Joint tenancy

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(Law) a tenure by two or more persons of estate by unity of interest, title, time, and possession, under which the survivor takes the whole.

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A report to Flintshire council's planning committee said it will be built and owned by the Welsh Government and would operate on the basis of a joint tenancy between Airbus UK and The University of Sheffield's Advanced Research Centre.
If the property is owned in joint tenancy by your sister and her mom, for example, the property will pass to her mom upon sister's death.
Shared houses with joint tenancy agreements require only a single licence for the home.
Students with a joint tenancy agreement for an entire house or flat will need one licence to cover the whole property.
In the future, if you wish to split your interests, the joint tenancy can be "severed" and turned into a tenancy in common at any time.
Furthermore, when one partner to a joint tenancy dies, the survivor will be treated as having owned 100% of that property unless they can prove otherwise "with clear and convincing evidence.
54) It usually arises in situations where either a joint tenancy or tenancy in common is vested in possession.
Joint tenancy means that each co-owner has equal rights to the whole property and that on the death of one co-owner his share automatically passes to the other co-owners.
Objectives : The works consist mainly of improving the insulation of the buildings and windows as well as renovation of the heat generation and distribution system in the buildings, ventilation systems, and electric appliances which are part of the joint tenancy area (lights, pumps, etc.
From May 2008 the couple had a joint tenancy and his wages were paid into a bank account controlled by her.
My ex-wife has served me with something called a Notice of Severance of Joint Tenancy on the house we used to own and live in together.

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