Joint tenancy

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(Law) a tenure by two or more persons of estate by unity of interest, title, time, and possession, under which the survivor takes the whole.

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If you want your son to have the money in this account on your death you will have to write a letter declaring an "express trust", making it clear that the money is held on trust for you and your son as beneficial joint tenants.
Any property they owned together as joint tenants would also automatically have passed to him on her death without featuring in her estate.
Unless you bought together as joint tenants and both names are on the deeds, your house will usually go to any children or, failing that, other relatives.
Contract notice: Obtaining the framework of joint tenants futures contract of sale of medical gases in somogy county teaching hospital for kaposi mor.
Well, if they held the ownership in their home as beneficial joint tenants, the survivor would become entitled to the whole ownership of the property and the half share of the person dying would not pass to anyone else, even if included in a gift by will to someone else.
This means that, as joint tenants, the survivor of you would inherit the deceased party's share in the event of the death of one of the owners.
If you have put it into joint names as beneficial joint tenants it would belong to whichever of you outlived the other - despite what your will says.
Joint tenants can usually share, but if you've your own tenancy, you need your own licence.
in 2002 as joint tenants, financing each purchase with a mortgage secured by the property The taxpayers subsequently refinanced both mortgages and obtained a home equity line of credit on the Beverly Hills property The total average balance for all of the mortgages was $2,703,568 in 2006 and $2,669,136 in 2007.
They acquired both houses as joint tenants and held them as joint tenants during the years in issue.
This article examines the effects of owning property as tenants by the entirety, tenants in common, joint tenants with right of survivorship, and with life estates.

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