Jordanian dinar

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Noun1.Jordanian dinar - the basic unit of money in Jordan; equal to 1,000 fils
fils - a fractional monetary unit in Bahrain and Iraq and Jordan and Kuwait; equal to one thousandth of a dinar
Jordanian monetary unit - monetary unit in Jordan
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According to central bank norms in the nation, the maximum limit of credit facilities extended by licensed commercial banks to the real estate sector should not exceed 20 per cent of overall deposits in Jordanian dinar.
This committee determined the minimum wages to be one hundred ten Jordanian Dinar per month, instead of eighty Jordanian Dinar, starting 1st June 2006 for all employees, excluding workers in garment manufacturing, who benefit from this increase starting 1st January 2007.
A doctor at a hospital in Amman said he could do the operation at a cost of 2,000 Jordanian dinar, or about $2,800.
In Petra - and we'll come to this awe-inspiring red rock city in a moment - I bought a silver bracelet for ten Jordanian dinar (about pounds 10).
The Jordanian dinar is pegged to the dollar, a policy which the authorities say has served the national economy well.
Palestinians currently use the Israeli shekel as the primary currency, which is followed by the Jordanian dinar and the U.
The dollar and the Jordanian dinar are both used for some transactions, though the Israeli shekel is most commonly handled in day-to-day cash transactions.
The Room for Hope program invites every guest at the Holiday Inn Amman to be a partner of hope by donating one extra Jordanian Dinar, added to their room bill.
The labor dispute at the East Jerusalem Electrical Company in July and August revolved around bread-and-butter issues including tying the workers' wages to the Jordanian dinar instead of the rapidly depreciating Israeli shekel, family heath insurance plans, collective housing, and educational scholarships for workers' children.
Taking into account the Jordanian Dinar exchange rate and the US dollar food price variation allow us to compute a yearly rate of change of the food price in the local currency, and then to compare it with the consumer price inflation.
Ensour told Jordan TV's "60 Minutes" show that the recovery of the economy means that we need more time for reforms, noting that the Jordanian dinar is stronger now that at any time.

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