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Noun1.Jose Julian Marti - Cuban poet and revolutionary who fought for Cuban independence from Spain (1853-1895)Jose Julian Marti - Cuban poet and revolutionary who fought for Cuban independence from Spain (1853-1895)
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Bronx Museum Board chair Joseph Mizzi gives a speech during the inauguration of the Jose Marti sculpture in Havana yesterday.
En Jose Marti (1853-1895), se observan argumentos (politicos, economicos, sociales, culturales y morales) que avalan sus presentimientos.
Con estas palabras Marlene Vazquez Perez resume en este articulo la pasion del procer cubano Jose Marti por el pensamiento y la obra de Simon Bolivar, misma que lo hizo decir a sus jovenes lectores en La Edad de Oro: "todos los americanos deben querer a Bolivar como a un padre".
La integracion de America Latina y el Caribe, siguiendo a nuestros proceres Simon Bolivar y Jose Marti.
Marti's Song for Freedom" is the bilingual biographical poem that tells of the life of Jose Marti, Cuban freedom fighter and poet of the literary movement known as modernismo.
Since the DOT announced its preliminary Havana route awards in July, United has been working with the Cuban government and local airport service providers to prepare for the start of its operation into Jose Marti International Airport, the airline's 14th new international route launched this year.
United will start daily nonstop flights to the Cuban capital's Jose Marti International Airport from New York/Newark and Saturday nonstop service from Houston with both services subject to government approval.
The rise in tourism has strained Cuba's infrastructure, filling hotels to capacity and creating long waits at Havana's Jose Marti International Airport.
This beautifully crafted study captures Poyo's passionate commitment to Cuban independence, his extraordinary skills as a community organizer and editor in Key West, and his complex entanglements with Maximo Gomez, Jose Marti, and other nationalist leaders.
After the band's private plane arrived at Jose Marti airport in Havana with the four veteran rockers, family members and about 60 technical workers, Sir Mick Jagger offered a brief greeting in Spanish and said he was happy to be on the island.
The world in pictures with Daily Post Head of Images Hadyn Iball | CUBA: The Rolling Stones pose for photos at Jose Marti international airport in Havana, Cuba, as they flew in to perform free concert in Havana yesterday | UK: A section of 'Australia' by Pedro Mira at the Sandworld sand sculpture festival in Weymouth in Dorset, which opens today and runs until the end of October |PHILIPPINES: Ruben Enaje is untied and lowered down by a volunteer dressed as a Centurion after he was nailed to a wooden cross during a reenactment during Good Friday rituals yesterday at Cutud, Pampanga province, northern Philippines.
The American tradition in Jose Marti between philosophy and literature